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GSI Handicrafts, India have created the world's most beautiful Home Textiles from their workshops in Ghaziabad, Sitapur and Mirzapur ( Uttar Pradesh ) India since 2015.Started under Mr. Vaibhav Jain’s leadership today we serve a vast client base from the US, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Asia, Middle East & Australia. Our worldwide clientele includes some of highly reputed Retail Stores. We cater Companies, Designers and Importers.

We always believe in using age old methods combined with  latest techniques and designs to come out with an exclusively beautiful products that is of buyer's interest. We work in collaboration with distinguished designers who draw color and trend direction from around the globe.

Mr. Vaibhav Jain is an post graduate in International Business. He wishes to fulfill global business needs with our local expertise. He has a keen interest in Textile Industry which helps him maintain a presence in both the niche and mass markets offering Floor Coverings, Home Textiles and Scarves.


We are reputed exporters of all below listed products: ​


                RUGS & CARPETS

  • Hand-tufted carpets

  • Handloom carpets 

  • Hand-woven rugs 

  • Flat Weave Rugs

  • Kilim Rugs

  • Jute Rugs


                   HOME TEXTILES

  • Pillows 

  • Bed Sheets 

  • Quilts

  • Poufs

  • Tea Towel

  • Throws

  • Napkins

  • Bath Mats

  • Macrame



  • Modal

  • Cotton 

  • Wool

  • Cashmere

  • Silk

  • Blends

  • Handloom

  • Jacquard

Bath Mats


1) Quality: Our priority while producing any order is to maintain world class standards in handloom and give high quality, consistent production. We have a team of qualified QC who ensure timely inspections and checks to ensure AQL standards are net throughout production.

2) Costing: This is the something that is pivotal for our clients and for us as well. We ensure to produce products at volume and at low margin to ensure our clients are able to establish a lead in their markets which is beneficial to all.

3) Client Servicing: Client servicing happens to be at the heart of our business principles. Our team is always hands on with the client team to ensure all your needs are met.

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Ethics and Labour Policy

We are an ethical company and we employ only 18+ skilled staff and make sure they get fair wages and they get treated well. We produce in conformity to our compliance with fair labor practices that strictly abhors the use of child labor. Our commitment towards other social causes is exemplified in the engagement of a large section of women workforce with the purpose of women empowerment that also contributes to the local economy.

We are fully compliant with all the requirements necessary for manufacturing and exporting carpets across the world that bear the indigenous traits of Indian craftsmen. We make sure to take care of our workforce and they are treated well.

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