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Silk Scarves Manufacturer in India: Things You Should Know

We make high-quality Scarves by using the best silk materials as the leading Silk Scarves Manufacturer in India. We directly deal with the wholesalers. With delivering the best scarves to the wholesalers, we mainly focus on customer satisfaction and their needs.

Talking about the fabrics, a large portion of the population loves silk as it is natural, very good in quality, and gives you a royal feel. There is a high demand for silk scarves, which is why you will see many silk scarves manufacturer in India compared to other fabrics.

Wearing Silk Scarves can enhance your Wardrobe and brighten up your personality. The most common reason for choosing silk scarves among ladies is that this fabric can easily adjust to your body temperature.

Now, the main question is, why should you choose us? Here are the reasons you should read:

Why You Should Choose Silk Scarves Manufacturer in India?

Silk Scarves Manufacturer in India

Here are the top reasons:

Good In Quality

Our silk scarves are made with very good materials, making them very soft and strong.

Designs Varieties

We have many different and unique designs with varieties that you can choose from or even make your own.

Reasonable Cost

Because we sell directly to stores, you get a good deal without compromising the product quality.


We care about the planet, so we use materials that are good for it, like recycled stuff.

Latest Fashion

Our scarves are very stylish, so you'll always be in style.

Fastest Delivery

We're fast at getting your scarves to you, so you will not need to wait for long.

Making with Care & Attention

We make each scarf with a lot of care and attention by the people who are very good at it.

Many choices

You can wear our scarves with any clothes, from everyday to fancy, they look good with everything.

Customer Satisfaction

We really care about making you happy, so we always try our best to make sure you are happy with what you are getting from us.

Our Process From Finalizing The Design To Delivery

Here are the 3 processes we follow, from finalizing the design by the wholesalers to the delivery process.

Step: 1 Design

First, you have to choose to send us your design and the type of scarf you want.

Step: 2 Developing

After you have done with the selection process, we start making them as per the plan you have made. For the sample you have made through us, we charge a small amount. If you decide to order a lot of scarves from us, we will subtract the cost of the scarf from the final amount.

Step: 3 Delivery

When you approve the order, we make scarves and shawls as per your requirements and send them through the FedEx, DHL, or UPS. The normal time of delivery will not take more than 7 days. If you have any special requirements, then it can take upto 45 days.

The Reason Why You Should Choose Silk

If you have never tried wearing a scarf, you should. As it has already been written, Scarves are not just pieces of cloth; they can give you a different appearance and significantly impact others. Below are the four reasons you should go with a Silk Scarf Manufacturer in India. So, have a quick look.

Silk Easily Adjusts with Your Body Temperature

Silk is definitely costly, but it will be worth your money. What makes silk costly and different from other fabrics is that it keeps you cool in summer and warms you in winter. It means, you will not be required to purchase different scarves according to the seasons.

Silk is Completely Nonreactive

As it is 100% natural, it is also nonreactive or Hypoallergenic. Those who have sensitive skin don’t need to face any discomfort, redness, or itchiness.

Silk is Utilized To Produce Handy Dyed Shawls

Another very common reason people choose Silk Scarf Manufacturers in India is that they love wearing shawls in winter. Ladies' scarf manufacturers in India use Silk to make Hand-painted scarves and Dyed Shawls. Let me tell you one thing: Silk Shawls are not thick, but they are thick enough to keep you protected from cold air.

Maintenance Is Easy

According to the Scarves Manufacturer & Supplier, you just need a soft wash for it, which means you will not need to waste more time on a single cloth. Easy maintenance helps you save more time.

So, we have discussed the reasons why you should go with ladies scarf manufacturer of India this far. Now, we are going to discuss how the process works of making silk scarves in India.

The Process Of Making Silk Scarf From The Beginning

All Silk Scarves Manufacturer & Supplier follow these processes to make silk scarf.

Collecting Silkworms & Harvesting Cocoons

The first step in making silk is gathering the silkworms. Then, they harvest the cocoon to get the final material.

Female Silkmoths lay around 400-500 eggs at a single time. Later, these eggs get converted into silkworms. After they turn into silkworms, people keep them in a safe place so that they can turn into caterpillars. This process has its own term, which is “Sericulture.”

Silkworms eat many mulberry leaves for about 6 weeks to become 3 inches big. When they stop eating and lift their heads, they're ready to make their cocoons. Each silkworm spins its cocoon by moving its body around 300,000 times in a figure-8 shape, taking 3 to 8 days. They make one long strand of silk, about 100 meters long, held together by natural gum called sericin.

Extraction of Threads

Once the silkworms finish making their cocoons, the cocoons are boiled to make the gum soft and let the silk threads come out. This is important to keep each thread strong. The threads are pulled out carefully from the cocoons one by one and put onto a reel. Any leftover gum called sericin is washed away with soap and boiling water while making silk.

Ready For Dyeing Process

Once the silk threads are cleaned and the gum removed, they're whitened and dried before adding color. Long ago, they used natural dyes from fruits or plants, but now they use modern dyes for more colors. Silk is put in dye baths to soak up the color, using cylinders or jigs. Factories now prefer to dye large pieces of silk to make less waste. Biddle Sawyer Silks gives quick delivery on silk they already have, and they match custom colors for customers.

Use of Spinning Wheel

The old spinning wheel is still important for making silk, even though machines are faster. It's used to unwind colored fibers onto a bobbin for weaving, whether done by hand or machine. Different methods like hand-spinning and ring-spinning are used in this process.

Silk Weaving

Weaving is when silk threads are brought together to make fabric. There are different types of weaviag, like satin, plain, and open weave, each giving a different look. Threads are crossed at right angles, making a strong fabric with some threads going up and down and others going side to side.

Screen or Digital Printing

When silk requires a unique pattern or design, it must undergo printing after per-treatment by the printed scarves manufacturer. This process can be achieved through two methods:

  • Digital Printing: Digital silk printing involves using a specialized printer to transfer artwork onto fabrics using ink.

  • Screen Printing: On the other hand, Screen Printing is the traditional approach, where ink is manually applied to create the design. This method can result in a more intense and vivid appearance due to the heavier application of ink.

The Finishing of the material

To make silk ready to use, it needs to be finished. This process gives silk its shiny appearance, which is what it's known for.

There are different ways to finish silk, like using chemicals. These treatments can give silk useful properties like being resistant to fire and wrinkles.

Final Words

We make different types of scarves at GSI Handicrafts, such as Square Silk Scarf, Long Silk Scarf, Silk Chiffon Scarf, Silk Satin Scarf, Silk Twill Scarf, Printed Silk Scarf, Embroidered Silk Scarf, Hand-Painted Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, and Silk Blend Scarf. So, you can contact us whenever you feel need. We are available 24x7 at GSI Handicrafts for help.

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