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Hand Tufted Rugs Manufacturer from India: GSI Handicrafts

Updated: Jul 4

Hand-tufted rugs are considered artistic pieces of furniture that can change the atmosphere of a place where it is located by their appearance and touch. There is no dearth of hand tufted rugs manufacturer from India today for those who are planning to make a purchase and they come in various patterns, colors as well as sizes to fit every consumer’s needs and preferences.

Why You Should Choose Hand-Tufted Rugs?

Tufted rugs are particularly classified into hand-tufted rugs due to their unique making process. Hand-tufted rugs are made using a rug design tool, or a tufting gun; therefore, the production process only takes a few weeks. In hand-tufted carpets they employed such techniques that enable flexible designs and higher production rates, thereby making these carpets the favorite of those who seek good culture with complicated designs.

Advantages of Having Hand-Tufted Rugs

Design Versatility: Available in all sorts of styles, conventional and modern, rugs hand tufted make it very simple to select from the hundreds of styles that would fit the theme of your house.

Affordability: It is for this reason that they provide a very lavish appearance and comfort that is almost akin to hand-knotted area rugs but at a much cheaper price.

Durability: Hand-tufted rugs having been manufactured carefully also have the ability to endure many years of usage while still having glamorous looks.

Softness and Comfort: These rugs medium, which can be made of wool, silk, or synthetic fiber materials, are soft to the touch and feel comfy when walking on.

Expert Tips:

  • Measure your room before choosing a rug to ensure it fits the space perfectly.

  • Consider the purpose of the room in which the rug will be placed when choosing its color, design, and material.

  • Select a rug that will complement the other furniture.

GSI Handicrafts: A Leading Hand Tufted Rugs Manufacturer

India has been known for its fine rugs from old times as artisans skilled in this craft have been practicing it for many years. At present, there are many renowned hand tufted rugs manufacturing companies that can be found across the country who, with the help of modern technology have incorporated their carpets and rugs with new designs while maintaining the accurate art of hand tufting.

Solid Pink Hand Tufted Rug

The market leader that has got enormous reputation in the field of handicrafts is GSI Handicrafts which provides much importance to quality and invention. As one of the renowned hand-tufted rugs manufacturer based in India, GSI Handicrafts boasts a vast collection of products that not only make statement pieces in any household or commercial space but are also highly durable. The range of their offers can be described as vast, as it covers everything starting with traditional oriental patterns and ending with modern bright geometric shapes.

Things To Keep In Mind For Choosing The Right Suppliers

Before purchasing hand tufted rugs, suppliers play a very important role in making sure good quality and standard products are delivered. Through engaging a reputable supplier one is assured of obtaining genuine and high-quality rugs as per the intended design and dexterity.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting hand tufted rugs suppliers:

Reputation: One must look for suppliers who have good reviews in the market, to avoid being associated with a substandard company.

Quality Assurance: Make sure the supplier can provide quality assurance and guarantee the quality of their supplies through a warranty.

Variety: A good supplier must have the capability of supplying rugs in different patterns, sizes, shapes, and cost.

Customer Service: Many factors that are crucial in selecting a supplier can be stated as follows: A good supplier must be able to provide excellent customer satisfaction, and appropriate terms of returns, and exchanges.

GSI Handicrafts: Best in Rug Manufacturing (Rugs Manufacturer India)

Indian rug industry is enormous and has different sections which include the production of all kinds of rugs that are in the market to suit the market demands. While classical Indian rugs are hand-knotted ones, produced also at present, machine-made ones are quite famous, and Indian manufacturers prove that they pay equal amounts of focus and effort to both.

There are few makers of rugs across India, GSI Handicrafts is one of a kind; due to its focus on craftsmanship and manufacturing hand-tufted rugs. They know how to blend the rustic work of the artisans with the modern styling demanded by the consumers and that has made them get a special place in the market. Every rug from GSI Handicrafts is lovingly made with superior-quality materials, making every single rug a unique piece of work.

Tips for Buying Hand Tufted Rugs Online

One of the main benefits of shopping in this era is that one is not required to leave his/her comfort of the house when buying hand tufted rugs. Several key things will help one make wise when choosing the right hand tufted rugs from online stores in India.

Research: The best way to do this, is to try, for example, to search for some items in different online stores to compare them. Specifically, search for stores that retail hand tufted rugs and those that have numerous options.

Check Reviews: Go back to the seller’s page and see some of the feedback given by the customers to have a feel of the type of quality the seller is offering and the kind of services they deliver.

Material and Construction: Specifically, it refers to the case where you ought to focus on the materials used or the construction method. It is besides not astonishing that wool and silk are used where the products are designed to be durable and soft.

Size and Design: Ensure that the area of the room is determined correctly and the rug you settle for fits and blends well with the general room theme.

Return Policy: Ask the store about their return policy, if you receive the Rug and you are not fully satisfied with it.

Final Words

Hand-tufted rugs remain a favorite in residential living spaces and design, as well as in commercial spaces because of their properties and aesthetic value. Hand-tufted rug is useful and adds nobility and comfort to any part of your house whether you want to decorate your living room or make your bedroom welcoming.

At GSI Handicrafts, we take pride in well-crafted hand-tufted rugs and have embraced the 2000 collection in an attempt to satisfy the market’s diverse clientele. We have been dedicated to delivering quality and synthesis which allows each one of our rugs to come out uniquely different. Browse through our selection today and realize why these timeless hand-tufted rugs from India offer an unrivaled appeal.


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