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A Guide to Buy: Jute Rugs Manufacturer from India

Updated: Jul 4

Among home decor items, the rugs act as focal points of any home by providing warmth and style and giving it that extra texture. In the diverse forms of rugs out there, jute rugs have received a lot of admiration due to their natural properties and their environmentally friendly aspects. This complete guide will provide you with all the information to buy jute rugs from Jute rugs manufacturer from India or selling your jute rugs online starting with understanding the manufacturers and suppliers of jute rugs, then going a step further to expound on the benefits of choosing to work with jute fabric instead of another fabric.

Why You Should Choose Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are made out of fibers obtained from the stems of the jute plant that is primarily cultivated in regions of India and Bangladesh. Here are some compelling reasons why jute rugs are an excellent choice for your home:

Eco-Friendly: You can find all our jute rugs eco-friendly because jute is a natural fiber and is most biodegradable.

Durability: After learning about the material the jute comes from, the strength and durability of the fiber means these rugs can handle heavy foot traffic.

Aesthetic Appeal: Jute rugs are different in their appearance as the rug has the natural release of the jute material and can fit in any type of room giving the room a rustic look.

Versatility: With numerous designs, patterns, and colors, there is adequacy that concerns the interior designing industry where jute rugs can be included.

Cost-Effective: As a natural fiber rug jute rugs can on most occasions be cheap as compared to other natural fiber rugs.

How To Choose Jute Rugs Online India?

Bear Hug Jute Rug

The advantage of buying jute rugs is that it is easily accessible online and one can easily find various options available. Here are some tips to ensure you make the best choice:

1. Research Reputable Online Stores

Initiate by identifying online retailers who offer rugs to go to their sites and compare. For instance, going to the GSI Handicrafts website you can find a vast amount of jute rugs, descriptions of the product, reviews, and fair prices.

2. Check Product Details

Undoubtedly, the choice of the jute rugs should be done based on several factors and when buying online, it is wise to consider the details provided in the product description. Be sure to seek the measurements, the type of weaving, backing as well as the proper way of cleaning the rug from the provided information. This will assist you in choosing a recommended rug that suits your room and functional needs.

3. Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews reveal more about the endurance and excellence of the rugs in comparison to other forms of research. Search for keywords related to the rug feel, the color reproduction, and the site users’ overall impressions.

4. Compare Prices

Searching for a particular product that is cheaper than other sites can also be helpful. However, do not be so quick to consider products that are priced much lower than those of the competition because these may be substandard.

5. Consider Return Policies

Just to be safe, the online store should have a clear return policy just in case the rug doesn’t fulfill your expectations. This will provide you with some amount of comfort because you can always take back the product by returning or exchanging it.

GSI Handicrafts: Jute Rugs Manufacturers from India

Other top-selling products include jute rugs from the GSI Handicrafts company which is famous for quality and unique products. The company takes pride in making non-woven jute rugs that are environmentally friendly and add beauty to modern-day homes.

How Jute Rugs Suppliers Contribute To The Industry?

Retailers and consumers of jute rugs have suppliers who help in providing the products to them in cases of demand. They maintain a reliable source of jute rugs to ensure that the increasing demands are well met. Here’s how they contribute to the industry:

1. Quality Assurance

The suppliers are careful to consult with the manufacturers to guarantee that the rugs conform to quality. They ensure regular quality checks to keep the quality standard of the products which they make constant.

2. Inventory Management

Suppliers of jute rugs maintain a stock of many choices to make sure that retailers can easily access any style. This assists the retailers in meeting the demands of their customers since they are of different needs, interests, and ages.

3. Distribution Network

They have urged the management to ensure it has a strong logistics partner that can promptly deliver the jute rugs to several regions of the country. It also noted the importance of networks in supply chain management where suppliers employ strategies like effective logistics to ensure products get to the intended destinations.

Process of Jute Rugs Manufacturing

India is the house of the great carpet industry and many skilled workers are artisans who create lovely carpets using traditional processes. Here’s a look at the process involved in creating high-quality jute rugs:

1. Sourcing Raw Materials

The initial step involves identifying, selecting, and procuring the highest standard of jute fibers. These fibers are then undergoing further operations in order to neutralize these impurities and are spun to create yarn.

2. Weaving

Shearing is one of the crucial stages involved in the process of producing rugs. The weavers managed to design the clothes by employing more of traditional looms in order to produce various patterns. In this way, the type and quality of the weave used in the construction of the rugs may differ and hence have different surface characteristics.

3. Dyeing

The alkali processes that are used in the extraction of jute fiber also ensure that the jute rugs are produced in natural colors. It is biodegradable and what is more, these dyes produce bright shades on the rugs. In the dyeing process probably the color is controlled so as to make them fit with those of the other garments.

4. Finishing

After weaving and dyeing the final stages that are known as finishing take place. This is followed by the finishing of the material by cutting them and turning the edges or sewing them and where necessary; attaching fringes or tassels among other procedures.

5. Quality Control

These rugs also pass through quality assurance tests before being packed and distributed because they are expected to resemble fine and durable pieces of art before they reach the end user.

5 Best Tips for Maintaining Jute Rugs

To keep your jute rugs looking their best, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular Vacuuming: Here are the tips for cleaning Jute rugs Dust the rugs regularly by using vacuum cleaners. Accomplish this by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to sweep over the fibers without rubbing or applying undue pressure on them.

Spot Cleaning: If there is a spillage on the business’s car then it should be blotted with a clean material in the shortest time possible. Do not scrub the stain because it may worsen the situation and fray the fibrous strands.

Avoid Moisture: Moisture has a major negative effect on the jute, therefore avoid putting the jute rugs near sources of humidity, and don’t wash them with water. Wash only with natural transparent soap, if heavily stained you should use a dry cleaning powder that is meant for natural fibers.

Rotate the Rug: When using this type of rug, use rotation to ensure even wear and tear by flipping the rug after some time. It will also facilitate maintaining the rug as it always looks like it has been just newly purchased.

Use Rug Pads: In the opinion of this writer, laying a rug pad beneath your jute rug can help to prevent slipping and additionally, it can also improve the longevity of the rug.

Final Words

They are an excellent material to enrich the appearance of homes with their durability as well as being easily recyclable. Be it your ability to seek an online store to buy jute rugs from India or when you want to get a hold of certain jute rug manufacturing companies, this guide contains all the information that you will need.

At GSI Handicrafts, we aim to provide customers with the finest Jute rug products that are blended with classic techniques along with contemporaneous aesthetic sense. Me and my team hope you will find the perfect rug in our collection that will help you complete the interior design of your living space. Visit our online shop today and realize why jute rugs are an ideal flooring choice that will never go out of fashion.


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