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Carpet Manufacturer from India: GSI Handicraft

Welcome to our blog! We are a carpet manufacturer from India that specializes in the production of high quality carpets. Therefore, our carpets are unique and would fit any interior decor thanks to their quality and unique designs. Over the years, we are proud to be the most preferred carpet manufacturer and supplier.

Best Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier from India

Carpet Manufacturer from India

As a carpet manufacturer in India, we have a variety of carpets to suit various needs in any home or office. All our carpets are woven from natural materials and with a large dose of traditional craftsmanship. In order to guarantee that all our carpets are made to exacting standards and with quality, we give our best efforts. Here, explore our assortment of carpets; read why we are the leading carpet provider company.

Hand Knotted Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier

We also deal in hand knotted carpets , we are manufacturers and suppliers of these carpets. Hand knotted carpets are used because most of them are made by qualified weavers who knot each knot using hands. While this method is time-consuming, it provides the user with a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing carpet. Our collection of hand knotted carpets is diverse in terms of patterns and colors and hence a MUST HAVE item for any home.

What Makes Hand Knotted Carpets Special?

Carpets are made using different techniques but there is one technique called hand knotted carpets which are known to be long lasting and stunning in design. A hand knotted carpet can be easily identified as no two carpets are similar to each other even within the same batch. It takes anything between several weeks and several months to make these carpets since the designs involved are normally unique and intricate. Such craftsmanship and commitment to the quality of our hand knotted carpets means that Moz Designs is a force to be reckoned with.

Types of Hand Knotted Carpets We Offer

Our collection and specialization includes traditional, contemporary or any new style hand knotted carpets. As for the first option, our product is traditional, with a focus on elaborate geometric patterns and generous tones of color; the second is more minimalist. For individual rooms, we have handmade carpets that you can opt for, or if you have a certain design in mind, we can order hand knotted carpets for you.

Wool Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier

Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of modern automatic wools carpets, we use the best quality wool to weave our carpets. Another reason why wool fibers are common in carpet manufacturing is because they are extremely soft and durable, and also have inherent stain resisting capability. We offer our exclusive collection of wool carpets to warm up any room in your home.

Benefits of Wool Carpets

As mentioned earlier, wool carpets come with many utilities. It is self-venting and may prevent sorts fires, it can also moderate humidity in homes. It is also a natural fiber in that once dumped into the ecosystem, it readily decomposes or breaks down hence being environmentally friendly. Also, wool carpets are and approved material which does not collect dust and other allergens in the same way as other fabrics.

Our Wool Carpet Collection

The carpet collection of Merlot weaves with a woolen base comes with a variety of designs and colors. If you require a highly comfortable and luxurious carpet for your home’s ‘lounge area,’ or a tough, serviceable carpet for a business, wer have a product that is right for your situation. At ours wool carpets are produced in all kinds of styles the traditional and the modern so you can always choose a carpet design to your home.

Jute Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier

Besides wool carpets, the company is a premiere jute carpet manufacturer from India. Jute can also be described as being eco friendly due to the fact that it is naturally obtained fiber that is extensively used in various industrial applications. Our jute carpets are rather traditional and can give any home exterior that perfect rugged fee and at the same time be able to last longer.

Why Choose Jute Carpets?

Jute carpets are even more perfect for people who care about the environment and use eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t require constant replanting and can grow in about three years without the use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. They are also biodegradable, thus their impact on the environment is considerably lesser than those carpets that some termed as synthetic. Further more they are equally suitable for hard wearing and daily usage because they are made of jute fibers that have strength to allow them to be used in areas that are likely to be trafficked frequently.

Our Range of Jute Carpets

The end-of-the-roll products that we have are jute carpets in different designs with various colours. These include clear natural weave to special weave weaves for our jute carpets enhances the look of any home interior. Jute carpets are also more or less similar and can be used for various areas of the home like living room carpet, bedroom carpet and carpet to be used in the hall.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Carpet Manufacturer in India?

Finding the right carpet manufacturer from India is important if you want to get a good carpet in then end All the above carpet manufacturers in India offer high quality carpets, but it is important that you do a comparison of their products before selecting one for yourself. Here are some reasons why we are a preferred choice:Here are some reasons why we are a preferred choice:

Quality Materials

Our carpets are made of the highest quality which marks their durability and an ability to last longer. Still, it is our wonderful material of wool or jute or any other generic fiber that has been sourced with a high regard to quality and the environment.

Skilled Craftsmanship

All our artisans are proficient craftsmen who have specialized in the weavings of carpets. In gaining this experience each carpet that comes out of our production line is unique and has been made with a lot of detail.

Custom Designs

As such, we appreciate that different houses are made differently just like our clients’ tastes. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Canada Carpets is ready to design individual carpets for each client to his taste.

Sustainable Practices

Certainly, we are as a socially responsible carpet manufacturer in India always looking forward to sustainable practices. Thus, whether we speak of the use of organic materials in the construction of our products, fair labor policies to treat our workers and employees better and promote equal rights for all, and all other ways that we can ensure the environmentally conscious and socially responsible production of our products, we never fail to do so.

Wide Range of Products

Here you can find carpets of different color and for different price: for every person, who works and lives here. No matter if you want to buy a hand knotted carpet to complement a high-end interior design or wool carpet to ensure warmth of your floor or an efflorescent jute carpet which is environment, friendly, Kind Friedman Carpets has everything that a customer might look for.

Final Words

We at GSI Handicraft are a leading supplier of beautiful carpets in India and we make it our mission to serve our customers with only high quality carpets. If you’re in need of hand-knotted, wool, or jute type of carpet then you can choose from different designs that we offer. The reason why you should consider buying carpet from us is because we are committed to producing sustainable products at all times.

I would really appreciate if you stopped by at our blog. With any luck, you’ve picked up a thing or two from this article worth considering when getting your next carpet from us. Should there be any queries or something else unclear don't hesitate reach out through contacting the undersigned below!


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